Implementation Plan to Recommence Payment Process

Courts have been overseeing technology based conduits to process payments for decades and the technology to secure such environments has improved exponentially in the last few years. In fact, the infrastructure currently in place to satisfy the settlement agreement successfully processed over 100,000 payments ranging from US$5M to over US$400M.

Four (4) components are required to recommence the payment process and complete all payments to the remaining investors.

1.  The Administrative Database.  This database is currently in the possession of both the current administrator and the technical team. The file corruption of Block "C" is identical to Blocks "A" and "B". Therefore the tool needed to repair Block "C" already exists. It is estimated that the repair of Block "C" could take a few weeks. If, for any reason, the database is missing or compromised beyond repair, an original copy in both the electronic and printed form was given to the German Court in 2006 and can be used as a basis for determining the appropriate distribution.

2.  Access to the Funds. Five (5) separate accounts were established under the control of the current administrator. Not including any profits generated, each account contains US$60B. Four (4) are designated for investor distributions and one (1) for administrative expenses. It is recommended that these funds be transferred to Germany. This transfer ensures that all parts of the transaction are under the same jurisdiction.

3.  Payment Infrastructure.  The current infrastructure controlled by the administrator, albeit, a bit dated, can easily be updated to incorporate new security protocols by either the existing technical team or a new team. If it becomes necessary, a new infrastructure can be created using the latest tools and technology, in a matter of weeks.

4.  Expertise.  Personnel requirements need to be broken into several categories. By expertise, needed availability, and support criteria. It is important that personnel be available to assist both the payment process and the long-term needs of the investors.

The expertise needed includes:

          a.  Technical Support

          b.  Bankers

          c.  Financial Advisors

          d.  Multilingual Administrative Communications Team

          e.  Legal Experts in the Fields of

               i.    International Finance

               ii.   International Banking

               iii.  International Tax

               iv.  Specific Country Tax and Banking Regulations  

Due to the extended period of time that has elapsed since the origination of the database, it is impossible to overestimate certain difficulties that will be encountered. Decisions will have to be made on appropriate and consistent procedures for handling issues on several fronts, including:

1.  Investors

a.  Inactive e-mail Accounts

b.  Death

c.  Heirs

d.  Lack of Verifiable Account Information

e.  Changes of Citizenship or Country of Residence

f.  International Sanctions and Embargoes

g.  No Bank Account

h.  Nonresponses

i.  Alternative Investor Communication Conduit

j.  Pardon Unlawful Convictions

2.  Financial Institutions

a.  Clean and Clear Funds Certification

b.  Advance Notice of Large Funds Transfer

c.  Government Reporting Requirements

d.  Daily Wire Limits

3.  Communications

a.  Manage Social Media

b.  Publicity

c.  Legal Protests

4.  Administration

a.  Offices

b.  Operating Tools

c.  Managing Unclaimed Funds

d.  Limited Liability

e.  Security

Previous research into the composition of the database prior  to its corruption showed that over 80% of the remaining unpaid accounts, per the 2007 settlement agreement, were owed less than US$2,000.  Another 10% were owed less than US$250,000.  Approximately 8% were owed less thsn US$1,000,000 and the remaining 2% were less than US$5,000,000.

Even under the most generous of settlement calculations and reasonable accumulated profits and interest, between 25,000 and 30,000 of the accounts can be paid quickly with minimal difficulty.  That leaves only a few thousand with significant distributions that may need to be paid in some kind of installments over s period of time.

Suddenly the whole process gets much more manageable with the completion of payments to all remaining investors an attainable goal. The US$60B administrative fund ensures sufficient resources  to  accommodate any unforeseen circumstances. 

Over the years, many things have been done to obscure and subjugate every aspect of this agreement to ensure all involved believed they were unable to complete the payment process for reason or another. When indeed the opposite is true. Millions, if not billions, of payments sre processed every day. The number of zeros is irrelevant to a computer.

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