Petitions to the European Parliament and the German Bundestag

Petitions to the European Parliament and the German Bundestag

Germany boasts of its budgetary discipline, thrift and superiority, thereby deliberately causing serious damage to other members of the European Union and violating the rule of law in its own country.
In Germany, a political and judicial abuse of power has been taking place for years involving the Chancellery, as well as the Ministry of Finance and Justice, specifically the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main. The highest level of state has used the entire force of the government to suppress the story of approximately 35,000 investor accounts remaining unpaid for over 12 years.

In addition, approximately 100,000 payments equaling over US$20 trillion sent to unauthorized parties are also subject to the responsible supervision of the German judiciary in the years 2008 to 2011.

After years of being ignored, on 16 August 2019 a petition for violation of the rule of law by the Federal Republic of Germany was submitted to the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament, which was admitted by the Secretary General of the European Parliament under number 0890/2019.
In addition to this petition, a petition was submitted to the Committee on Petitions of the German Bundestag under number Pet3-19-05-021-024839 to review the conduct of the Chancellor's Office and the judiciary for violation of Article 20 of the German Basic Law and all other relevant laws and regulations.

All members of the European Parliament, the German Bundestag, affiliated British banks, German media outlets, and the members of the British Parliament have been informed about this matter, as well as the European Banking Authority EBA and the Group of European States against Corruption GRECO.
Incidentally, the petition to the European Parliament was the subject of unofficial discussions on the sidelines of the last G7 meeting. The matter is therefore known internationally in the highest circles making it very difficult for the Chancellor to defend a position of ignorance.

As the saying goes: NOBODY STANDS ABOVE THE LAW!

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