Website Redesign and Another Nonresponse

Website Redesign and Another Nonresponse

We are proud to announce the redesign of our website When the site was first conceived, little did we know the attention it would garner or it’s immense contribution to our matter. The new design brings it to the standard worthy of its value. As well as a cleaner look, all of the documents are now downloadable in PDF format and the website is optimized for all platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

As of today, our latest motion entitled “Request for necessary resources needed to recommence incomplete payments” filed November 25, 2019 with the Frankfurt am Main Higher Regional Court has been ignored. A pattern that has now continued since our first requests of the Higher Regional Court since 2015.

Regardless of the behavior of the German government, we will continue to demand our rightful due and if necessary, expose any and all wrongdoing related to our case.

As the saying goes: NOBODY STANDS ABOVE THE LAW!

This press release is being distributed to over 4,000 media outlets, rating services and political representatives.

For further information go to the website Click on “contact” and leave a message, a representative will get back to you shortly. Copies of all court filing are available upon request.
This press release is issued as lawful public notice. If you would like to be removed from our list please go to the website, click on contact, enter contact information and type unsubscribe on the subject line.

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